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Chapter 2133 – Destroy the Files claim sniff
The Boy Allies in Great Peril
Thinking of that, she begun to discuss it with Jing Yunyao.
“Siyuan, in the beginning I didn’t prefer to check out this example, but Gu Ning just arrived. I actually have no alternative, but to consent to the exploration. Do not be concerned, the outcome is definitely the identical. I’ll execute a easy examination to present her a response.” Shao Chen believed to Yang Siyuan. Up to now, he was still not suspicious of Yang Siyuan. He stated that to him as he considered Yang Siyuan was naive. Even so, with seeing and hearing that, Yang Siyuan is in a definite worry.
Now, he couldn’t let Shao Chen learn about it. He must damage the documents before Shao Chen traveled to their school.
“Gu Ning explained I will visit your high school to see each student files if I would like to know whether Yang Jun instructed the truth,” Shao Chen said.
If he couldn’t think of a wise decision, he would directly make Yang Siyuan die on the clinic.
Now, he couldn’t just let Shao Chen understand about it. He must ruin the computer files before Shao Chen went to their classes.
Without having astonish, immediately after Yang Siyuan made available half a million yuan, his companion agreed upon, but he would pay only the bucks immediately after it had been completed.
If he couldn’t imagine a wise course of action, he would directly make Yang Siyuan pass on in the medical center.
“What? No chance!” Immediately after seeing and hearing that, Shao Chen suddenly came to the realization something wasn’t perfect. Despite the fact that he stated it wasn’t likely, he actually also believed that Gu Ning should consider what Yang Jun claimed, so she reminded him to look into the way it is.
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Looking at that, she started to talk about it with Jing Yunyao.
“What? Gu Ning visited the hospital? Why managed she go to the medical center? In order to remind that you investigate the truth about Yang Jun?” Yang Siyuan requested. His speech sounded just a little anxious.
Consequently, when Shao Chen traveled to the high education where Yang Jun and Yang Siyuan acquired examined to discover their pupil data files, he received a answer they were already dropped.
If he couldn’t think of a good option, he would directly make Yang Siyuan pass on during the hospital.
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After having meals, Jing Yunyao acquired a phone call from Jing Jining. He informed her that Hong Yifeng was out of the farming environment, nevertheless it wasn’t he who taken him out. Hong Yifeng arrived since he learned that there was clearly marvelous energy in Colaine medicinal drugs and this man became available for Colaine and Gu Ning.
However, in cultivators’ sight, she was only a mortal, so they really wouldn’t harmed her unless any of them desired to break up the principles from the cultivation community. Then, they could be disciplined whether or not this was subjected.
In that case, Shao Chen naturally couldn’t figure out the facts. And then, Shao Chen known as Yang Siyuan and informed him concerning this.
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Gu Ning would head to connect with Hong Yifeng, and Jing Yunyao would appear after to damage him. They are able to capture him before handing him to Miao Jingjing.
“Hi, this is Gu Ning.” Gu Ning picked it.
Gu Ning would check out connect with Hong Yifeng, and Jing Yunyao would display following that to hurt or injure him. They could capture him before passing him to Miao Jingjing.
“Gu Ning must think what Yang Jun said…” Yang Siyuan observed troubled. Even though Gu Ning presumed what he said, these were merely total strangers. Gu Ning wouldn’t guide him!
In the event that was the scenario, Gu Ning possessed connections, so he was hesitant she may find other research. As a result, he had to discover a method to eliminate other information if there seemed to be any.
Immediately, Yang Siyuan produced a phone after he done his contact with Shao Chen.
Now, he couldn’t allow Shao Chen be aware of it. He must damage the data before Shao Chen went along to their college.
Without having amaze, when Yang Siyuan presented 500,000 yuan, his buddy agreed, but he would pay only your money after it was performed.
Gu Ning would go to fulfill Hong Yifeng, and Jing Yunyao would appear following that to injure him. They may catch him before passing him to Miao Jingjing.

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